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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Doggy walks at Poole Quay and Baiter

Okay you've got me!  I'm hoarding posts again ;) I had gotten good at updating once a week, but have been very naughty last week and neglected to update!  For a rare few days we had some January sunshine and I managed to persuade the littlest pup to come out for a walk to Baiter.

Cookie is a lot more outgoing then her big sister, she only has to hear the word walk and she is off to fetch her lead.  Boo on the other hand will hide under the sofa until she is quite sure there is no risk she will be made to attend the doggy frolics.

My poor little Cookie is not as elegant and sleek as Boo, add to this a black gingham harness and everyone is convinced she is a little boy :(

We had lots of fun on our walk, and Cookie even had a go at chasing the birds - well until she realized they could fly ;)

The playful Cookie posing in her gingham harness

Views down towards Poole Quay

Very rare to see Baiter this empty on a sunny day - although it was only a few degrees out

Views towards the lovely Whitecliff

Across the water is Brownsea Island

Cookie being very well behaved and keeping close by - she doesn't seem to understand that she has a retractable lead so could run ahead

I love this little wooded area

The recent rainfall had made some parts of Baiter into mini lakes, had to stop the Cookie Monster from wading through

Back from our walk and Cookie is angling for a pick up and a cuddle, Boo decides to find out about the walk by sniffing her sisters butt!

We had just started the routine of just me and Cookie spending some quality time together on a walk (Boo likes to play Mummy and nit picks at Cookie constantly), but sadly Cookie has managed to dislocate her hind leg.  She managed to do this to the opposite leg in September and had to have corrective surgery, for which she took a while to recover.  Last Thursday she had the same operation carried out on the other leg and is now waiting to have stitches removed.

Although she is recovering well she is having to be crated and is not a happy bunny!  We have already had a few heart in the mouth moments when she has escaped and decided to lunge onto the sofa or our bed.  To give a little perspective, Cookie and Boo are about 20cms tall when stood - our couch is about 2 foot off the ground and the bed is 2 and a half.  Quite a leap for an injured pup!

I miss my walking buddy - 2013 is supposed to be about me getting healthy.  I have a fitbit (posh pedometer) that tells me I must walk at least 10,000 steps a day - Cookie was helping me to achieve this goal.  Now I'm having to resort to the treadmill at the gym, a lot less fun!

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